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My name is Eva and I am based in the Chapeltown area of Sheffield.  After spending 30 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry, working in different roles and across several therapeutic areas, the pandemic, as for many of us, made me re-evaluate my life and my next path.

I decided that I wanted help people via alternative therapies – giving people a choice on how they manage their health and wellbeing. Reflexology has always been an interest of mine, having benefited from undergoing reflexology treatments myself. I wanted to explore this further, utilising the techniques to help others.

My reflexology knowledge has been helped massively by my Physiology/Pharmacology degree and also the vast healthcare knowledge I have gained over my career.

I am a qualified Level 5 Clinical Reflexology Practitioner. I studied this with the tutoring team of Jubilee College led by David Wayte, who is a Fellow of the Association of Reflexologists and the only Reflexologist in the UK to be made a member of the Royal Society of Medicine Practitioners. This wonderful qualification enables me to give the highest level of practice possible, tailoring treatment plans to client’s specific needs.

I am trained to help with fertility, maternity, menopause issues, palliative care and also in the use of NEPIP which can help with PTSD, anxiety and stress.

I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists  (AoR), Association of Repro Reflexologists (MARR) and I am also listed on the NHS Reflexology services website showing the only one local to Chapeltown area.

Please contact your private health care provider scheme to confirm if Reflexology treatment is reimbursed as part of your cover.

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There has been evidence found in ancient civilisations all over the globe that Reflexology was in use as a therapy. 

The first evidence of this holistic therapy was found in the tomb of an Egyptian physician named Ankhmahor, dated 2330 BC. The tomb revealed beautiful hand painted hieroglyphs depicting Reflexology treatments on the hands and feet.

Dr William Fitzgerald, an ear nose and throat surgeon, in the 1900’s, developed Reflexology with his research into Zone Therapy. This was later refined by Dr Joe Shelby; who actually detailed the first diagrams of reflexes on the feet and hands. Eunice Ingham a physiotherapist and assistant of Dr Shelby, continued to develop the mapping of reflex points whilst performing several client studies. Eunice is credited with developing reflexology as we know it today and disseminating this to the general public and bringing this to England with the help of Doreen Bailey in the 1970’s.

Reflexology was developed initially within the medical profession, but due to the lack of funding for scientific and clinical research through the years it was deemed as a complementary therapy.  Today with the support of professional associations and modern contributors, Reflexology is continually developing, and research is on the increase. Several papers have been published specifically looking at the effectiveness of Reflexology and are available to view in the links below. 

Reflexology is a holistic therapy

There is not ‘one definitive explanation’, some are based upon energetic principles and in contrast other explanations are based upon scientific research.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy and if you want to find out how it could help with your specific condition, please feel free to contact me, in the strictest confidence, to discuss your health needs.

The research tells us that Reflexology techniques, when specifically adapted to meet the personalised needs of the client along with the power of the mind, natural healing responses can be promoted and healing time considerably reduced.

There are research papers and media reports linking the efficiency of clinical reflexology treatments to the following conditions….plus many more!

Hannah Dickinson
Hannah Dickinson
I recently had my first experience of reflexology with Eva and I loved it. Eva ensured I was well informed about the treatment, and I felt like she went to great care to accommodate me properly for a late-pregnancy treatment. Eva is very knowledgeable and professional, and I learnt a lot from her as well as finding the treatment very relaxing.
Shennen Smith
Shennen Smith
I had my first reflexology treatment with Eva this week and she was lovely, warm and friendly. She went through a thorough consultation so she could try and establish any issues I have been having and work on these. The treatment room was cosy and tranquil and the treatment was so relaxing I could feel myself drifting off. I slept so well that evening. Would highly recommend Eva, and am already looking forward to my next treatment. 😊
Lisa “The Big Lass” G.
Lisa “The Big Lass” G.
I've had 2 treatments with Eva now and can't recommend her enough. I have spent years pondering trying reflexology then finding a therapist and she is amazing. The treatment room is gorgeous. I felt welcomed and relaxed. Eva is very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the treatments and found it very interesting hearing what she found. I have slept better and feel much more chilled even days later. Going to be a regular thing I think!
Deb Travis
Deb Travis
Amazing experience, Eva was so professional and put me at ease as soon as I entered her relaxing treatment room, she was spot on with her prognosis. Wouldn’t hesitate to return for further treatment when necessary.
Abigail Smith
Abigail Smith
Such an amazing experience. Eva is so friendly and welcoming. She went through every detail and explained what she would be doing. Very calming environment during. I found it very interesting going through what she had noted during the reflexology treatment. Booked for my next session straight away. Hugely recommend
Tracey Webster
Tracey Webster
I had an amazing reflexology treatment with Eva, she was very professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process and I felt so relaxed afterwards. Will be booking in again very soon! It’s a must have!
Lyndsay Rahman
Lyndsay Rahman
Eva was so lovely, it was my first time having reflexology and I've booked in again. I felt better after one session with Eva, more relaxed and looking forward to my next time. I work 12 hour shifts on my feet, and the pain in my feet felt better the day after. Eva even sent me lots of useful information after on an email. Thank you so much xx
Robyne Hinchliffe
Robyne Hinchliffe
Eva is absolutely lovely and make me feel very welcome. The treatment was amazing and I felt so relaxed and even after the treatment when I was home it really chilled me out. I would highly recommend. I will be returning.
Alix Joynes
Alix Joynes
I had a treatment with Eva a couple of weeks ago…I can’t wait for my next one. I felt so relaxed and slept amazingly well. I could feel the effects of the treatment for a few days after, I felt amazing. Thanks Eva!
Andy Burrows
Andy Burrows
Quite simply Eva’s reflexology treatment was heaven. I will definitely be booking again and referring other people to her for treatment. It’s not just about relaxation though. Eva welcomes you into a lovely environment before running through your medical history. She does this with a friendly humour whilst still being precise and professional. The treatment was great, never once did I feel I wasn’t in good ‘hands’. The follow up after the treatment was interesting, explained clearly and really demonstrated that Eva knows her stuff about reflexology. All that and a goody bag too! I can honestly say it was a great decision to go and see Eva for reflexology. If you’re humming and ahh-ing about booking just do it. You won’t regret it. Andy


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